The “Plastinated Specimen,” Between Sublimation and Perversion, or the Misappropriation of the Cadaver as a Work of Art

Feature Section “Perversions”
By Carole Mariotti

Between anatomy and aesthetics, medicine and art, the object of plastination is questioning the status of the human body and interpellates us on what is at stake in this act, aiming to inject life back into death, confusing durability and existence. How might one consider this curious object that incarnates the fascination of the viewer as well as that of its creator?Between the sublimation of the corpse and the perversion of the concepts (subject/object; life/death), what is Dr Gunther von Hagens pointing out and what ethical conception of the human being is it meant to upset?


  • plastinated specimen
  • body
  • corpse
  • medicine
  • Gunther von Hagens
  • anatomy
  • perversion
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