Reviving Movements in Thought by Movements in Space, Breath, and Breathing, in Transference with Traumatized Persons

Regular section “Technique and Theory of the Technique”
By Dominique Mazéas

Early traumatic experiences produce split installations and auto-gripping to sensations, especially respiratory. By putting the body in movement within the transferential space – directly or in a figurative manner – ,once can restore a shareable form to split-off emotions. By forming a link between the baby’s deep feelings and its perception of the other party in its role as an identifying mirror, this respiratory movement would allow for the first psychic inscriptions of experience – thereby supporting the work of symbolization, and enabling the movement of thinking.


  • trauma
  • sensory auto-gripping
  • breathing
  • movement
  • emotions
  • transitional sensory zones
  • symbolization
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