Interpretation and Equivocation

Feature section ‟Psychoanalytic technique”
By Olivier Ouvry

Based on a detailed clinical vignette, we will tackle the theoretical questions raised during the final stages of Lacan’s teaching: interpretation outside meaning, outside the field of the subject, of being, and of truth, and its effects on the new articulation between language as structuring the unconscious and lalangue; between the subject of the unconscious and the parlêtre (speaking-being).
Interpretation in terms of equivocation [1], or an intervention in the moteriality of the unconscious, in addition to introducing new technical and practical aspects into the treatment, proved to be greatly effective for this patient, giving force to an analytical theory that derives from the logic of the unconscious.


  • real unconscious
  • parlêtre
  • lalangue
  • sinthome
  • equivocation
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