Transidentity and Psychoanalysis: Laying New Bases

By Hervé Hubert, Thamy Ayouch, Yu Hu

Meeting trans people caused a real practical and theoretical reversal in the author’s practice. Beyond the trans issue, this implied conceiving differently the psychoanalytic approach to human problems and led to the construction of new psychoanalysis: social psychoanalysis. Social psychoanalysis differs from classical psychoanalysis inasmuch as it proceeds from another base: the base of social life, which is transferential. In this context of transferential social life, the reference to Marx’s work is used and allows an analysis of common life experiences based on the concepts of social transference and transference of values. The logic of the trans dynamic is centred on the gender value that enables to live, and the others’ recognition of this value. Logical references allowing to understand the problems lie in the interweaving of ‟word-image-body”, the fundamental identity elements, and deprivation within transferential social life. A concrete example is analysed through the commentary of a Vietnamese film on transidentity, Finding Phong.


  • ambiguity
  • contradictions
  • gender value
  • knotting
  • social psychoanalysis
  • social transference
  • values transference
  • transidentity
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