The ‟Here-Situated” Analyst and the ‟Shall-be” Subject

By Fatoumata Timite, Mila Signorelli, Kallie Messaoudine

In a dialectical play, this article puts into perspective the ‟postcolony” shall-be and the here-situated analyst: it sets forth the colonial and universalistic epistemic position of some analysts who examine the otherised African. Through epistemological hybridisation, with reference to postcolonial studies, phenomenology and French theory, this article deconstructs the evolutionary theories that have demoted Africans and their culture. It tries and conceptualise a shall-be knowledge that would both question the universal and propose a postcolonial psychoanalysis for the shall-be.


  • African
  • shall-be
  • psychoanalysis
  • here-situated analyst
  • postcolonial
  • colonisation
  • hybridity
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