Aristotle and the psychoanalytic concepts of deferred action and repetition

By Yorgos Dimitriadis

Freud was influenced by Aristotle’s theory and Lacan even more. In this paper the psychoanalytic concepts of deferred action, repetition and certain others are examined in their relation with Aristotle’s theory on causality. The recent advances of neurosciences concerning the memory are in favor of a non-linear causality that psychoanalytic theory supports from an other point of view. Aristotle had been already placing emphasis on this type of causality through his concepts of spontaneity and chance. In this way psychoanalysis and Aristotle are in the center of modern science.

  • Aristotle
  • spontaneity
  • chance
  • hazard
  • deferred action
  • repetition
  • Freud
  • Lacan
  • neurosciences
  • plasticity
  • tuché
  • automaton
  • causality
  • contingency
  • necessity
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