The making of the sexed body

By Laurie Laufer

What role does sexuality play in identity construction? How can body image determine the construction of sexual identity? Can the making of a body escape the representations of its time? Since the 17th century, sexuality and sexual practices have been both the object of the scientific discourse determining the subject’s identity and what is there at stake. In his work, Michel Foucault studies the discourse on sex that historically establishes the connection between sexuality, subjectivity and the obligation of truth, a triad which he then attributes to psychoanalysis as the heiress of this scientia sexualis that looks for truth in sex. Has psychoanalysis lost the subversive edge of its gesture discovering polymorphous infantile sexuality?

  • psychoanalysis
  • Foucault
  • body
  • gender
  • sexual identity
  • norms
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