The Paths of Endurance

What Role do Physical and Psychical Pain Have in Psychogenesis?
By Monique Dechaud-Ferbus

Pain has a crucial role in the development of psychical functioning. From the register of excitation pain undergoes a somato-psychical anchoring and has an impact on the receptors in the psychical apparatus. Its inscription in an unconscious form facilitates a memory route, a route of endurance, that in time is reinforced by painful experiences. Psychothérapie psychanalytique corporelle (PPC)[Bodily Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy] is an alternative to the standard treatment and is indicated for patients whose bodily and psychical pain prevents intra-psychical work at the outset. The body’s memory, which is re-actualized in the treatment, allows for a re-opening of the psyche (which had folded in on itself at the site of the pain) through the operativity of the couch allied with the perception of the analyst in person. A clinical case illustrates the processes of PPC.


  • pain
  • facilitation
  • memory
  • route of endurance
  • liaison
  • erogonetic masochism
  • PPC
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