The Artifices of Desire in Psychosis

Subject, Subjectivities, and Practices of the Body in the Contemporary World
The Recourse to (Toxico) Mania Faced with the Anxiety of Breakdown
By Laure Westphal

Whatever his or her orientation might be, the clinician recognizes in the manic state a euphoric moment of triumph which seems to give a certain satisfaction to subjects. There are endogenous manic states which can be observed in psychosis but which go far beyond. This form of mania sometimes turns to toxic substances and this is being extended in the contemporary world. It may come to fruition in psychosis where the desire that has not been sexualized by the Oedipus complex threatens subjective existence. Irrespective of the source of mania, its function is to back the patient in his oneiric course of desire and to provide the body with the consistency that was lacking. Artificial excitement strives to protect the patient from annihilation. Through a clinical case report, we analyze how the process operates.


  • body
  • desire
  • mania
  • psychosis
  • drug addiction
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