A Letter from New York

Regular Section “Letter from…”
By David Lichtenstein

David Lichtenstein presents the coordinates of the singular social demand that determines the form in which psychoanalysis has been led to reinvent itself in New York, at a time when the socio-political field in the U.S. has been disturbed by a splitting-inducing presidential campaign.Presenting a chronicle of analytic movements and their intersections in a didactic manner for readers who are not familiar with their variety, he underscores in particular the importance that the inter-subjective and relational current – along with gender studies – have assumed in the current form of psychoanalysis in New York. He also underscores the growing appreciation of French contributions, which is demonstrated in particular by the return of the Lacan-Laplanche dispute that took the form of a debate during the New York conference of the International Society for Psychoanalysis and Philosophy last November. Lastly, he presents the current state of activities both within institutes of psychoanalysis, and outside of them – by mentioning, in particular, the formation of a new group, das Unbehagen, which aims to call into question the classical model of institutes of analytical training.


  • intersubjectivity
  • relational psychoanalysis
  • gender studies
  • French Psychoanalysis
  • Das Unbehagen
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