A Letter from São Paulo

Feature Section ‟Psychoses”
The Current Moment of Psychoanalysis in Brazil
By Maria Lívia Tourinho Moretto

This letter brings news of the current state of psychoanalysis in Brazil. First of all, it presents a few brief pieces of information on Brazil, a country of continental dimensions, highlighting its cultural diversity, the social inequality that reigns there, and the characteristic features of its current moment in time. Next, it brings out some elements of the history of the psychoanalytical movement in Brazil and their relationship with the fact that the spread of psychoanalysis in the country has so far been a successful experience. The emphasis is placed on the theoretical plurality of psychoanalysis in Brazil, on what is currently at stake, on the scope of its contributions, as much in the clinical approach to suffering in Brazil as in the critical analysis of its cultural context and the active presence of Brazilian psychoanalysts in interdisciplinary work, and in various fields of professional action: in healthcare institutions, legal institutions, institutions of social protection, schools and universities. It comes to the conclusion that the recent news on the current moment of psychoanalysis in Brazil also bears within it news of contemporary Brazil as seen by psychoanalysis.


  • psychoanalysis
  • Brazil
  • subjectivity
  • culture
  • suffering
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