Radicalism Put to the Test of the Father

Feature Section “Radicalization”
By Sami Chiha, Laurent Combres, Sidi Askofaré

This article questions the real involved in “radicalism” and “radicalization”, understood as particular postmodern nominations, and confronts this real to the psychoanalytic perspective of nomination, as a radical coordinate of the structure operated by the father. The authors attempt to question the name “radical” and then to demonstrate and illustrate through clinical cases that contemporary forms of fanaticism are correlated, by the regimes of jouissance involved, with the capitalist discourse. These subjective solutions are comforted by a literal discourse arising from the rejection of the subject of love and politics, but not without something residual: the symptom.


  • radicalization
  • Name of the Father
  • ab-sense
  • postmodernity
  • symptom
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