Radicalization and Globalization: From De-quilted Knowledge to its Deterritorialization

Feature Section “Radicalization”
By Dina Besson, Amos Squverer, Marie-Jean Sauret

This article seeks to grasp the specific relation that radicalized subjects have to religious knowledge and, more particularly, to the signifiers of the Text. The authors aim to show how this relation to the Text makes possible and opens up a certain articulation between radicalization and globalization. Indeed, these subjects apprehend the text in a fragmentary and decontextualized way. The “point de capiton” of the text is thus unknotted. The question then arises of how this particular relation to the text has, as a correlate, a certain style of social bond. Indeed, this allows for a rhizomatic and globalized circulation. Decontextualization makes possible a deterritorialization, so that radicalization finds its bed already made in globalization.


  • radicalization
  • globalization
  • literalism
  • united quilting point of Knowledge
  • university discourse
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