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Regular Section “Clinical Dispositives”
An Innovative Experience in Perinatal Group Support
By Cécile Bréhat, Florence Becker, Marie-Paule Chevalérias, Brigitte Hahusseau, Aurélie Nicodème, Martine Spiess, Anne Thévenot

This article aims to question the current support in the perinatal period and to highlight its organisation while considering the context and modern society. Looking at its evolution since the mid-20th century we have tried to identify what the current notion of support corresponds to. This study shows that it is organised by rules of autonomy and empowerment of the ego, and by values ​​of evaluation, control and education. The measures implemented by current public policies in the perinatal period, which aim to encourage the learning of good practices with respect to established standards, prevent the subjective processing work inherent on the arrival of a child. Here, we explain how an original and innovative group support experience in the postpartum period was conceived. This is described to demonstrate that there can be another way to guide the reception of the child and access to parenthood by focusing subjectivity on the centre of the group. Implementation, operational procedures and objectives are examined in depth. The psychoanalytic concepts of containment, transmission and identification activated by the group are discussed in defence of the hypothesis that they would participate in the construction of maternal and early bonds with the child.


  • support
  • public policies
  • postpartum period
  • subjectivity
  • group process
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