A Clinical Instance of the Death Drive in a Child Analysis

Feature Section ‟Death Drives”
By David Lichtenstein

The drive is a fundamental concept, a “necessary fiction” for psychoanalysis. In the interest of rooting the subject in socio-cultural structures, many contemporary psychoanalysts consider this fiction, or mythology, to be unnecessary. They balk at either the biological or the solipsistic aspects of drive theory. However, if we take what is most subtle and dialectical in Freud’s idea of the drive, as well as Lacan and Laplanche’s elaboration of the concept, we can construct a properly psychoanalytic approach to the idea and even to its more controversial corollary, the Death Drive. The present article is interested in conceiving of the Death Drive in a manner that enhances our view of the divided subject as an effect of discourse.


  • drive
  • death drive
  • destruction
  • clinical practice with children
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