Sociocultural Reality and Normativity on the Analytical Stage

Reflections on the Concept of Safe Psy
By Augusta R. O. Zana, Simone Perelson, Laurie Laufer, Mila Signorelli, Sara Pullin

The search for a mental health professional is taking on novel dimensions. New demands emerge that call for safe professionals, a criterion indicating their belonging to identity groups, as well as a form of ‟authorisation” in the acceptance of problems linked to oppression. Beginning with the theme of safe psy in the French context, we will examine the search for a mental health professional in its articulation with belonging to identity categories in Brazil. We will take up the Freudian understanding of the analyst’s neutrality in order to establish the extent to which this neutrality opposes, or not, the stakes inherent in these new demands. Starting from a reflection on the articulation between sociocultural reality and analytical work, and considering the systems of normativity and its staging in the clinical field, we will also investigate how this phenomenon concerns our involvement as analysts.


  • safe psy
  • identity belonging
  • neutrality
  • sociocultural reality
  • normativity
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