Evidence of Disquiet

Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Transidentities
By Nicolas Mendes, Thamy Ayouch

This study allows a first approach of the paternity of transgender men who have used sperm donation with medically assisted procreation. Twenty years ago, the first French sperm bank offered to meet the request of heterosexual couples which transgender men. To this day only one study about these couples has been published, but focused on the development of their children. A reflection on the paternity of these men born as women and who are now fathers appears to be necessary. We analysed the free speech of sixteen transgender men to build a representation of paternity in these specific experiences. Points of tension have allowed to identify three sets of disquiets’ signs. Some of them can be encountered in the process toward this specific kind of paternity. Being aware of these disquiets’ signs could help us work more appropriately with transgender patients.


  • gender
  • paternity
  • gamete donation
  • assisted reproductive technologies
  • transidentity
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