For a Fertile Dialogue between Decolonial Theory and Psychoanalysis

By Salima Boutebal, Jack Sims

Decolonial theory aims at inventing a pluriverse that encompasses the diversity of human thinking and ways of living, in order to consider what unites rather than divides communities. In the epistemological break proposed by decolonial scholars, something of the theoretical position defended by psychoanalysis is echoed in the contemporary reality of minoritized bodies. For individualised history to become a theoretical underpinning, the decolonial researcher must, like a psychoanalyst, free themselves of their preconceptions. More precisely, despite the reflective divergence it implies, such a position cannot be sustained without full consideration of one's subjectivity and a transfiguration of the violence inherent in individual histories.


  • decolonial
  • psychoanalysis
  • epistemology
  • political subjectivation
  • shame
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