The Depersonalisable and the Sub(ob)ject

A Praise for Depersonalisation in the Formlessness of Analysis
By Valérie Boucherat-Hue, Andrew Weller, Beatriz Santos

In analysis, when resuming the “subobject” link, sharing the hallucinatory to analyse the formless material of our narcissistic-identitarian clinical experience involves a transfer-countertransferential attractor, which may be named the “depersonalisable”. A vector of therapeutic change, it is a permanent potentiality of the “inter-intrasubjective” weaving, which highlights the bodily-psychical nature of the co-associative work. Depersonalisation is therefore a fertile psychosomatic operator in the peripsychotic clinical experience with adults, provided that the analyst be tolerant of the psychic, sensory-motor regression which follows the transmodal paths of the enaction psychoanalytic work with babies.

  • depersonalisable
  • enactment
  • peripsychotic
  • sub-object
  • formless
  • treatment
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