The Contribution of François Recanati to the Understanding of Lacanian Criticism of Ontology

Borrowings and Foundations of Theories and Practices
By Luiz Fellipe Almeida

This paper aims to highlight the participation of François Recanati in Jacques Lacan’s seminar between 1972 and 1973, which was a brief moment of the philosopher’s adhesion to Lacanism. I defend that the density of his interventions summarizes and clarifies the critique of ontology that emerges at this moment in Lacan’s teaching. Mainly supported by the intervention of December 12th, 1972, the paper seeks to make explicit how it serves as a synthesis of the notions that result from this critique: (1) the idea of being as the lopping off of predicate (2) the “encore” of jouissance as an existential discomfort and, consequently, (3) the analytic substance as an ontological irresolution. I conclude by briefly launching some theoretical-clinical questions raised by these interventions, which are therefore considered as essential parts of the seminars ... ou pire and Encore.

  • psychoanalysis
  • ontology
  • formalization Jacques Lacan
  • François Recanati
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