Hatred of Being and Identitarian Radicalism: Shame and the Problem of the Body of the Other

By Jessica Choukroun-Schenowitz

This article proposes to examine the problem of identity from the perspective of facts associated with what is called radicalization in order to uncover an identitarian radicalism in postmodernity in light of the affects of shame and hatred. The fact that a subject is a subject of jouissance, and not only an effect of language, means that its identity is closely related to the question of its body and jouissance. The jouissance of one’s own body and the jouissance of the body of the Other then appear as problems to be dealt with in the context of the father’s decline. What can therefore serve as a point of identification in order to anchor the subject? What can hold bodies together? And how does radicalism bear witness to the return of an obscure and pleasure-seeking God? These are the questions that this work proposes to discuss by following the thread from shame to hatred, considered as passions of being.

  • hate
  • shame
  • identity
  • jouissance
  • radicalism
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