Harga and Desire for the West in Time of Jihad

By Wael Garnaoui, Welid Hkiri

The result of long theoretical research, but above all, of field investigations carried out mainly in my country, Tunisia, Germany as well as in France, this elaborate work sheds a razor-sharp light, neither complacent nor hateful, on what “border burners” (harragas in Tunisian dialect) and potential candidates for jihad think and live. About what drives them and what torments them. This article is the result of a study that promotes a political conception of psychoanalysis, taking into account the inscription of the subject of the unconscious into the Polis and its configurations of power, and thus the effects that analytical theory and practice may have on the questioning of the ultra-modern norms governing the human crowd.

  • psychoanalysis
  • migration
  • jihad
  • identification
  • desire for the West
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