The Image in Medical Practice. What is at Stake in the Different Medical Imaging Techniques?

By Céline Masson

The interpretation and readings that doctors give of medical images leave no room for enigma and doubt, turning the image into a powerful tool for revealing the impossible. The image becomes the real which then serves as a flawless diagnostic support. We are witnessing the current anxiety of sonographers who no longer enjoy any margin for error and run the risk of prosecutions from the patients themselves. Doctors are expected to see and know everything, drawing on technology. This article examines the image and its contemporary figure based on the myth by Adolfo Bioy Caseres, Morel’s Invention. This examination of the image allows us to think through the new technical means (specifically in medicine) which modify the very nature of the image as well as the relation to the body. Henceforth, it is a matter of knowing what a body on a screen is, and how this body is going to be seen and read in medical practice. What body are we looking at via the screen?

  • medical imaging
  • psychoanalysis
  • image
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