The body as chariot of the soul?

By Claire Synodinou

The body and soul relation involves the notion of a common evolution. The body as “chariot of the soul” can represent a part of the Freudian theory. Regarding the drives, Freud considered that internal stimulations arrive to the soul first, and not that the soul only leads the body. He avoided partitioning and when faced with the dilemma of duality, he proposed the psychic work at different levels, giving priority to the alternation between the psychic and the somatic. This article presents, through different examples the body’s dismantling in the somatic and psychotic patient that can lead the body in a certain way to its separation from the soul. The patient is faced with an existential truth, as if the energy was concentrated to such a point that it becomes palpable, tangible.

  • body
  • soul
  • thought
  • psyche
  • Eros
  • mythology
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