The jouissance of the soma and the subjective metaphor in the contemporary social link: three cases of auto-immune and idiopathic disease

By Katerina Malichin

The sharp increase in autoimmune diseases is part of the new clinic of contemporary society, dominated by the discourse of the capitalist. The subject’s position in the symbolic has changed: subjects exist but are not named. Autoimmune or idiopathic diseases undermine both the subject and the body. The discourse of medicine and science is not enough to comprehend these conditions; this paper aims to approach them from the Lacanian perspective, as a psychosomatic phenomenon. The question is of the subject’s autopoiesis, through the process of producing a subjective metaphor, where the body becomes a barrier to jouissance and the place of inscription of loss.

  • jouissance
  • autoimmune disease
  • idiopathic disease
  • subjectivisation
  • subjective metaphor
  • naming
  • practice of the self
  • practice of jouissance
  • psychosomatic phenomenon
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