The Diagnosis of Dyslexia and its Effects on the Subject

Education and its Discontents
By Stéphanie Vernhes, Laurence Suau

The use of the signifier “dyslexia” is spreading more and more to qualify children who experience difficulty in learning to read. Neurology, cognitive psychology and the sciences of education have been trying to make out is etiology without expressing the slightest surprise at the ambivalence of their results. In this paper, we shall show the effects of using the concept “dyslexia”, on the child’s symptom, but also on those around him. Psychoanalysis has highlighted how it becomes difficult for the child to be considered a subject when this signifier is employed. It prevents him from being approached – he and the Other – as a subject who can take responsibility for what happens to him.


  • dyslexia
  • reading
  • symptom
  • subject
  • psychoanalysis
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