Fabrications and Practices of “Composed Bodies” – The Stakes and Realizations of Ideals

Subject, Subjectivities, and Practices of the Body in the Contemporary World
By Catherine Desprats Péquignot

Throughout the twentieth century, the advances in medicine, science and technology called into question the gives and reference points that hitherto seemed to be untouchable, running into new problems, among others, concerning the relationship to the body and to the sexual dimension in which there no longer seems to be anything that can set an obstacle, nor lay down a prohibition, nor present itself as an impossibility. In the contemporary world, new fabrications and practices of “composed bodies” are bearing witness to this. In looking at medical interventions and artistic propositions, and in questioning the stakes and the ideals, we are led to take up, from origin myths in fantasies, the question of the imago of the breast and the question of the phallic mother.


  • androgyny
  • sexuality
  • body
  • imago of the breast
  • phallic mother
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