Desire for Democracy and Understanding of Language

Contemporary Uses of Phenomenology: Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and the Neurosciences
A Common Task for Psychoanalysis and Philosophy
By Nicolas Jouvenceau

Democracy does not only exist in an institutional and juridical form. It also depends on a psychical space in which the singular dimension of each individual existence encounters collective dimensions. In this day and age, the conjugated effects of media communication and the neo-liberal strategies are giving rise to psychical disinvestment and the decline in the very desire for the democratic “object”. Faced with this, what can each individual do in their domain? And also, what can philosophy and psychoanalysis do? In what way can a certain understanding of language and of speech, one that is specific to these disciplines, favor this desire?


  • communication
  • deceptive condition
  • de – democratization
  • democracy
  • desire
  • big 0ther
  • language
  • literature
  • object a
  • philosophy
  • surplus jouissance
  • poetry
  • politics
  • polysemy
  • propaganda
  • psychoanalysis
  • work of culture
  • univocity
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