“Supplementation Play” and Foreclosure

By Marie Lenormand

In our two previous articles, we put forward a tripartition of play that was founded on unconscious mechanisms, and which thereby closely matches the Freudian field. After “ ‘trompe l’oeil’ play” founded on negation and “lure play” founded on disavowal, here we study “supplementation play” as founded on foreclosure. We formulate the hypothesis that this kind of play allows for a real to be shaped and for an imaginarization of what was unable to be symbolized. As an “attempt at cure”, it still runs the risk of transforming into reiteration or a therapeutic dead end. So as to envisage taking care of it in a care setting, we underline the necessity of taking this paradox into account.


  • play
  • child
  • psychoanalysis
  • classification
  • psychosis
  • supplementation
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