Psychical Transparency and Trauma

Some Considerations Based on Clinical Research
By Ana Bárbara Andrade, Fernanda Pacheco-Ferreira, Julio Verztman

This article expresses a few reflections on the subject of eleven clinical cases in which shame was the basal emotion. Our intention is to describe a kind of subjectivity that has seldom been noted by psychoanalysis: that of the subject who recognizes himself in his shyness. So as to receive these subjects in psychoanalytic treatment, we chose a filter: the psychiatric diagnosis of social phobia. In these subjects, the possibility of the experience of shame is a day to day reality, but it arises in particular ways. In this text we shall present on of these ways: the experience of psychical transparency and its relations with trauma.


  • shame
  • transparency
  • trauma
  • shyness
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