Ludwig Binswanger’s “Path Towards Freud” through Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry and Philosophy

By Thomas Lepoutre

This article goes back to the dialogue between Ludwig Binswanger and Sigmund Freud in order to examine the complex relationships between psychoanalysis, psychiatry and philosophy. Studying Binswanger’s “path” takes us back to an original conflict, even a fundamental misunderstanding, that is at work between these three disciplines that are of such vital concern to psychopathology. Both the specific originality of Binswanger’s work, which was in constant dialogue with psychoanalysis, and its reception by Freud, lead us to call into question the surprising “kinship” between psychoanalysis and phenomenological psychiatry.


  • Binswanger
  • phenomenology
  • phenomenological psychiatry
  • epistemology
  • naturalism
  • history of psychoanalysis
  • resistance
  • interdisciplinarity
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