Is Any Dialogue Between Psychoanalysis and Developmental Psychology Really Impossible?

By Mi-Kyung Yi

The reference to the infantile has brought in its wake a whole trail of confusion, such as the collapse of the originary dimension onto the origin, the mix up between the history of the genesis of infantile sexuality and the development of the child in general. These confusions give rise to serious consequences that are constantly fogging the specificity of psychoanalysis and leading it into dead ends, if not leading it back to the complete separation in dialogue between psychoanalysis and psychology, especially developmental psychology. There is one problematic that crystallizes the entirety of these questions: the model of development. In this article, the author tries to isolate the mainsprings behind the attraction of this model, which cannot be reduced to the epistemological register and which acts at the very heart of analytic practice.


  • child sexuality
  • child psychology
  • the developmental model
  • originary dimension
  • retroaction
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