The Unfathomable Violence of the Ego Ideal: Vincere by Marco Bellocchio (2009)

By Marie-Christine Pheulpin, Pascale Bruguière, Catherine Azoulay, Françoise Neau

Returning to a long overlooked episode in the life of Mussolini, Bellocchio’s film Vincere tackles the rise and installation of fascism in Italy. Recognized by specialists as faithful to historical reality, Vincere nevertheless carries its share of fiction. It is with this in mind that we propose a reading of the relationship between the two heroic figures devoured by their passion: Benito Mussolini and Ida Dalser. Hypothesizing that there was an encounter between two Ego Ideals, we explore how narcissistic excess, control and the dynamic of hate were articulated with the destinies of this agency.


  • Ego Ideal
  • narcissism
  • passion
  • control
  • split
  • hate
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