“Street Kids”: From Being Crushed to the Emergence of the Subject

By Paula Cristina Monteiro de Barros, Nanette Zmeri Frej, Maria de Fatima Vilar de Melo

This research is based on a clinical and institutional experience with adolescents who live on the streets (Olinda - Brazil). Marked by violence, abandonment, social exclusion, they roam in search of a place that would be a point of address. While on the streets, they call themselves a “dustpan of people” and one adolescent suggests that the psychologist is a “street-sweeper,” we consider this to be an appeal for unification faced with the constant threat of laceration. Based on the Lacan’s optical schema, we propose to discuss the places occupied by these adolescents and the Social Aid Institution, a point of symbolic address that allows for the emergence of the subject.


  • “street kids”
  • point of address
  • institution
  • subject
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