Research in Psychoanalysis

The Psychoanalytical Field in the Brazilian Universities
By Camila Fonteles, Denise Coutinho

This article aims to discuss the relationship between Psychoanalysis, Research and the University in the Brazilian context by examining PhD theses in Psychoanalysis. The significant growth in academic productions in Psychoanalysis in Brazilian universities can be scaled by the 1075 theses focusing on Psychoanalysis. The former were produced in several fields such as Medicine, Education, Literature, Philosophy, as well as Psychology – to which Psychoanalysis remains largely bound. It seems evident that there is an inherent interdisciplinarity within Psychoanalysis. Its object, method and theoretical foundations favor such an interaction with various other university domains.


  • studies on Brazilian University
  • psychoanalysis
  • scientific production in psychoanalysis
  • research in psychoanalysis
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